domenica 22 luglio 2007

Gaumina e la vodka Sobiesky

Goda Januskeviciute PR dell'agenzia lituana Gaumina mi informa di una bella iniziativa per il lancio in rete della vodka Sobiesky. Riporto di seguito la mail informativa. "Lithuanian vodka brand SOBIESKI Vodka came to us and said: we want to be on the web. SOBIESKI Vodka supports and organizes cool club parties, releases their music CDs (all the communication is based on being fashionable youth brand).
What we did: before creating a huge portal presenting cool club events they support we released the online party calendar . Dude enters the website and explores the schedule of all club events in Lithuania. While planning his weekend, he meets naughty nightlife character, uploads friend’s photo instead of the characters’ head and sends a viral movie with invitation to party together. Friend laughs and the viral buzz begins. How it works: The owner of the website can only be recognised from the SOBIESKI vodka brand logo. In that way, users who are fed up with advertising can asociate cool weekends with the SOBIESKI brand. Results: Some other Lithuanian brands asked to have their characters in SOBIESKI movies. Presently the team creates viral movies with Lithuanian and foreign stars taking part. The project won silver on Lithuanian advertising festival, we registered it to London International, the deadline is today, so we’ll see."

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