venerdì 28 marzo 2008

Fiat flagship store a Londra

Ecco un bell'esempio di interpretazione retail in ambito automotive: Fiat ha aperto a Londra il flagship dedicato alla propria 500. " The space is split over two floors. The first floor is the showroom with a handful of vehicles, a whole lot of shag pile carpet and a gift shop to boot. Here you can purchase pretty much anything for the Fiat enthusiast from cufflinks to handbags to miniature models that open up to become USB sticks. Yep, Team Fiat has thought of everything. Downstairs is a more minimalist white multi function space designed for corporate meetings, fashion shows and art and design exhibitions. This space currently features the 'Fiat Workpop 500' exhibition where prototypes of Fiat accessories that have been designed by 22 young product designers are on display. The public can vote for its favorites, and in a Survivor like contest, the winner's product will go into mass production and eventually on general sale. Where will you be able to purchase these you may be asking? In the gift shop of course. By Brendan McKnight (via)

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